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For me, life is an ongoing experiment, in which I try to find and bring to light to as many pieces of me as possible. The more parts I expose and accept, the happier I am. The more parts I communicate openly about, the more the world around me adjusts to what I want it to be.

For me, passionate living is the only way. I love to explore, to learn, to fall flat on my face, to experience new things, to dance, to feel truly connected with someone, or truly alone. I seek polarity in a world that has a tendency for gray. I try to be the best possible me, to make my life the best I can possibly make it. And I want to help others become the best version of themselves. Helping people to become increasingly aware of all the choices they can make, to make the choices that matter to them. Seeing people grow gives me a lot of pleasure.

I believe life is much more about asking yourself the right questions, than the exact answers to these questions. An answer is temporary and may change at any moment. Making the most of your life depends for a large part in asking yourself the important questions, over and over again: What do I want? Where do I want to be at this moment? What is stopping me?

I have a master’s degree in international business, with a focus on strategic management and sustainability. Frustrated about the sharp increase in interest in ‘my topic’ of sustainability, I decided to write my thesis about the sustainability of sustainability. Pun intended :). I have always been interested in marketing, psychology, sociology and human resource management. My working experience is mostly in business consultancy, before I became an entrepreneur just before I turned 30.

Now, those were interesting times: a full time, demanding job, three small kids, several side projects as an entrepreneur, a member of the works council at my job, being the main provider, a girlfriend.. a second girlfriend (poor me), friends, family.. and sometimes a few hours of sleep :). The good thing about doing so much at the same time is that it gives you immense amounts of energy when everything goes right. The downside is that when things start to get ugly, they get really ugly. Luckily, I was able to pick myself up just before I went into burnout.

As a result, I decided I wanted to change my life dramatically and skipped all parts that made me lose energy, and focused more and more on the parts of my life that gave me energy. This turned out to be immensely powerful and I keep adjusting my life, to do more of what gives me pleasure, where I can add strong value. To help others to do the same, and the people who meet them. Together creating a ripple effect of immensely fulfilled happy people.

The Yellow Side of Life is a platform for personal growth that I’ve created with Wilrieke. We love challenges. We love people. We love growth opportunities and we are not afraid to dive deep into our own personalities. Over the years we have learned how to help and stimulate each other to grow beyond our limitations and apparently narrow expectations. With our three young daughters and four chickens we live in an old, crooked house in a village below sea-level near The Hague and Rotterdam. Our two ponies and big, black horse live in a pasture nearby.

In The Yellow Side of Life we want to share our experiences, stories, knowledge and love with you. We both have years of experience with coaching people and helping friends. The door of our house is always open, as many people who have spent time here will confirm. The Yellow Side of Life is like a large house in which you are always welcome. There’s always space for you on the couch to surf, someone to hold and cuddle you, food in the fridge, an ear to listen to your stories. This is our personal intention: to work together in a loving way, providing a wonderful space in which we, and all the people who feel attracted to pure, authentic happiness, can co-create, connect, play, dance, learn and really love the lives we are living.

Wilrieke and Sebas

The photo on this page and many other photos throughout this website were made by the young and very talented Irene van der Spoel. Please have a look at her website to learn more about her!

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