The top 10 ways to waste your time

ways to waste your time

We all know that our time is limited and we should put our precious time to good use. So, why are we not doing that? Why are we wasting so much of our time doing things we don’t like, that don’t help us, being frustrated and angry? I think one reason is because we’re afraid to go after our dreams. We are too afraid to fail. ‘Yeah, I could spend this evening taking the first step in making my dream come true (setting up your own business, planning a world trip, learning to play the guitar, etc.). Or… I could just watch TV, there’s a rather good show tonight. Yeah, let’s do that, I’ll take that first step tomorrow’. Of …

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Finding your limits

finding your limits

Many people are not aware of their limits and often go well beyond what they can handle. Doing so for a prolonged time often leads to a burnout or a depression. Finding your limits are and respecting them is crucial in having a happy, fulfilling life. I will illustrate this article with my own, personal journey. How I discovered my limits and learned to respect them, after ignoring my limits for years. Disrespecting my limits – the long way down For years, I was happy to be very stress resistant. No matter how little time was left, no matter how many things still had to be done, no matter what things went wrong, I was always able to keep calm and …

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