How to regain my sexual desire?

fixing my sexual desire

Last week, I wrote an article about how I had lost my way in sex. Things had become too complex, too many rules to follow, and the expectations I set for myself were too high. I was stuck. Funny enough, it felt terrible mostly before I accepted that. Afterwards, I felt mostly relief and a strong urge to find out how to regain my sexual desire. In this article, I will share what has helped me so far. First of all, sexuality is a topic I’ve been exploring a lot over the last two years. What I felt was that many of us, me included, often lost ourselves in a race towards sex. Sex was the goal in the game of intimacy …

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I’ve lost my way in sex

lost my way in sex

I remember sex as being something light, something playful. But somewhere along the way, it became complex, weird, and uneasy for me. I feel inadequate; it feels like hard work, like I’ve lost my edge. I don’t know what I’m doing anymore, I’ve lost my way in sex, and in a way, believe it or not, that is a good thing. For me, sex is essentially about having fun, about connecting, exploring, finding out how someone ticks, how the two (or more) of you connect. Sometimes about diving in an ocean of love, going under together. Other times, about letting your tiger come out to play, to snarl, devour, dominate and surrender. Hunting, biting, scratching, all in good fun. I was …

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How to spoon – the art of sleeping together

how to spoon

There, I said it. Chances are that I’d like to sleep with you. I have some standards about liking people, them being friendly, warm, hygienic, cuddly, and some more personal preferences like age and body shape, but in general, I’m quite easy. I just like to sleep with people and I’m no longer ashamed to say so. And by the way, just to be clear, when I say sleep, I actually mean to sleep. In sex, I’m much more picky. The taboo on spooning Just like with cuddling, there seems to be a taboo on spooning outside of a relationship. Most people I know love to cuddle up to someone they like and fall asleep, but how do you go about telling so? …

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