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Life is a wonderful ride with ups and downs. Some things go extremely well and some go.. not so well. I believe you can achieve everything you want to achieve on your own, without any help. But sometimes, we get stuck. Something isn’t going well, or something is blocking us from getting where we want to be. Finding out what it is can take quite some time. Having someone on your side to help you out can be of great assistance to finally take that step you have been wanting to make.

Of course, I cannot solve your problems, only you can. But what I can do, is listen carefully to you, offer a fresh look and use my experience and intuition. Because I’m not as deeply involved in your situation as you are, it is easier for me to see the bigger picture. Together, we can puzzle out a way to get you back on the fast track.

This is something I enjoy doing and do well. I love to inspire, to challenge, to empower you. I can help you bring out the answers you seek. Together with you, we define your desires and we design a custom-fit path.

Areas I focus on are:

  • Business development – How to turn your passion into reality.
  • Finding your passion – What are your biggest dreams? What keeps you from turning them into reality?
  • Efficiency and effectiveness – The better use of time. What to do, when to do it, and why.
  • Changing your life – What do you want to do with your life? What area could use some improvement?
  • Being a father – how to go about being a good father?
  • Being a man – what does it mean to be a real man? How to become one?

There are different ways in which I can coach you:

Online coaching

From anywhere in the world we can coach you through Skype. Online coaching costs €100,- per session of 1 hour with me. I welcome you to record the session.

In person coaching

I can coach you in person on an agreed upon location which can be our house, your house, a café, a forest or any other place we agree upon. In person coaching costs €150,- per session of 1,5 hour. In person coaching can be a mixture of talking, making a business plan, walking, drinking tea.

Be aware that my time for coaching is limited. I’m only interested in dedicating my time and energy to persons who are genuinely interested in growing as a person. People who are open about new perspectives (with which you absolutely don’t have to agree).

I believe in what I do. If you find a month after your session that you gained absolutely nothing from it, I will refund your investment!

How to book?

You can book a free 15 minute Skype introduction talk to get to know me. To book a free introduction session, a coaching session or coaching traject, you can contact me with this contact form.

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My girlfriend, Wilrieke, is also available for coaching. She focuses on different topics and is obviously a different persion. If you feel that she would be a better match, feel welcome to contact her instead. The topics she focuses on are:

  • Empowerment, taking control over your life
  • Being a mother
  • Victimhood – how to step out of your drama stories
  • Dealing with emotions
  • Healing physical and emotional pain
  • Spirituality
  • Sexuality

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