Starting your own business – Calculate how much money you can make on your own

Calculate how much money you can make on your own

Many people are thinking about starting on their own and making their own money. They have an ambition, a dream, or just want to step out of the treadmill of jobs and bosses. I believe that’s wonderful! Starting on your own is always challenging and exciting, who knows what will happen? It is very hard to predict whether something you start will become a success. Some of my own plans which I believed to become the next big thing didn’t do squat, whereas others, like cuddle workshops, turned out to be much more popular that I’d ever expected. So, before you get started you want to calculate how much money you can make on your own. There are thousands of …

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How to spoon – the art of sleeping together

how to spoon

There, I said it. Chances are that I’d like to sleep with you. I have some standards about liking people, them being friendly, warm, hygienic, cuddly, and some more personal preferences like age and body shape, but in general, I’m quite easy. I just like to sleep with people and I’m no longer ashamed to say so. And by the way, just to be clear, when I say sleep, I actually mean to sleep. In sex, I’m much more picky. The taboo on spooning Just like with cuddling, there seems to be a taboo on spooning outside of a relationship. Most people I know love to cuddle up to someone they like and fall asleep, but how do you go about telling so? …

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Learning to connect without trying – the value of feeling lost

connect without trying

Since a month, a lot has been happening in my life. So much that I had trouble writing about it. I wanted to, but I just couldn’t get my mind around it. Where to start, what to tell, what is the message? Often, I like to write about a concept I’m starting to understand, but this time, there was no understanding. I was totally lost. Do you know the feeling of not knowing how to proceed? Knowing that whatever you believed was right, turned out to be not working and knowing you have to abandon the old way, without sight of a new, better way. Well, that was my position a few weeks ago. Everything I thought I knew about relating …

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