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Sebas and Wilrieke speech

Congratulations on taking that first step towards a new you! Let me explain what you can find on this website and what I can do for you. You can simply follow the steps I suggest or just pick the one you like.

Where to start?

This site contains a lot of information. Do not let that overwhelm you; you don’t have to read it all and you don’have to finish it today.

1)     Get to know me better. Who is Sebas and what drives me?

2)    Personal development blog. I am continuously adding articles to PureSebas. These articles are written to help you to let go of fears, increase your efficiency, get clear what you really want, and other important areas in life. Choose a category to find an article on a specific topic.

3)    Most popular articles. On the right side of your screen you will find a list of the articles that my readers have found to be the most helpful to them. These are some of my personal favorites:

Use uneasiness as a catalyzer for change Most people feel uneasy in some situations. In this article, I teach you how to use these feelings to your advantage to move forward.

There is always a different side to someone. Your perception of someone can be very persuasive. But are some people eally as perfect, or imperfect as you think they are?

Real men cry. Men are taught to be tough, to never show their true emotions. I believe that this prevents us from being who we are and that real man dare to show their emotions. Real men dare to cry.

4)    Bookmark my site. This way, you can find my site again and read what you want to read in your own rhythm. Simply add this site to your feed reader (like Feedly) by searching for my website in the program or clicking my RSS-feed.

5)    The Yellow Side Newsletter. Wilrieke and I have created the Yellow Side of Life as a platform for personal growth to help and inspire you to become the greatest version of yourself. We want the most amazing life possible for ourselves, and we want to share that with you. We have created one newsletter for both our personal sites and The Yellow Side of Life. Subscribe to our newsletter for extra, unique content that is only shared with subscribers, and to stay informed about upcoming events and interesting news. We dislike spam as much as you do; we will only email you when we believe our newsletter is worth your while.


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