How to regain my sexual desire?

fixing my sexual desire

Last week, I wrote an article about how I had lost my way in sex. Things had become too complex, too many rules to follow, and the expectations I set for myself were too high. I was stuck. Funny enough, it felt terrible mostly before I accepted that. Afterwards, I felt mostly relief and a strong urge to find out how to regain my sexual desire. In this article, I will share what has helped me so far. First of all, sexuality is a topic I’ve been exploring a lot over the last two years. What I felt was that many of us, me included, often lost ourselves in a race towards sex. Sex was the goal in the game of intimacy …

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Can you be intimate without being sexual?

Most people love to touch the ones they are fond of. At the same time, touching others is often shrouded in anxiety: what if I do something wrong, go too far, or inadvertently touch the ‘wrong’ body part? Because of this anxiety to touch someone in the wrong way, or be touched in the wrong way, many of us chicken out and refrain from touching at all, especially in the Western world. We distance ourselves from others, barely touching, only when it cannot be avoided. The effect is that many feel alone, cut off from others. Is there another way? Can you be intimate without being sexual and reclaim touching, intimacy, in such a way that it serves us instead of …

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How to spoon – the art of sleeping together

how to spoon

There, I said it. Chances are that I’d like to sleep with you. I have some standards about liking people, them being friendly, warm, hygienic, cuddly, and some more personal preferences like age and body shape, but in general, I’m quite easy. I just like to sleep with people and I’m no longer ashamed to say so. And by the way, just to be clear, when I say sleep, I actually mean to sleep. In sex, I’m much more picky. The taboo on spooning Just like with cuddling, there seems to be a taboo on spooning outside of a relationship. Most people I know love to cuddle up to someone they like and fall asleep, but how do you go about telling so? …

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The Race Towards Sex

the race towards sex

Sex is a beautiful thing. Less beautiful are all the taboos and patterns that surround it. One of those patterns is the race towards sex. Many men seem to feel this urge to move flirting and intimacy towards sex. As soon as humanly possible. Many women are aware of this, and as a result hold back, so as not to give men the idea they are open to sex, fearing they cannot keep true to their boundaries and end up in something they are not open or ready for. Of course, it’s more complicated, some women do the same, but I like to generalize and keep it simple :). The race towards sex is the feeling that given the perceived …

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