The top 10 ways to waste your time

ways to waste your time

We all know that our time is limited and we should put our precious time to good use. So, why are we not doing that? Why are we wasting so much of our time doing things we don’t like, that don’t help us, being frustrated and angry? I think one reason is because we’re afraid to go after our dreams. We are too afraid to fail. ‘Yeah, I could spend this evening taking the first step in making my dream come true (setting up your own business, planning a world trip, learning to play the guitar, etc.). Or… I could just watch TV, there’s a rather good show tonight. Yeah, let’s do that, I’ll take that first step tomorrow’. Of …

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What do I want out of Life?

What do I want out of life

It is such a simple question. Who am I? Where am I? What am I? What do I want out of life? So many of us try and live the way we want, to fulfill our dreams. But are those dreams really our dreams? Do you know who you truly are? What makes you tick, what makes you happy? What would you do if there was no one in the world to take notice of? Would you do the same as you do now? I don’t know what your answers to these questions are. But for me, I happen to have no clue. I have always tried to choose what I wanted to do, but have I really done that …

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How to Pursue Happiness

pursue happiness

What is the purpose of life? It is merely to exist, to produce offspring, to work as hard as you can, to praise (a) God, make as much money as possible, pursue happiness, or to live a fulfilling, meaningful life? There are so many answers, and I believe all of them can be true, as long as you believe in that meaning, and that meaning feels fulfilling to you. For myself, I believe the meaning of life is to live your life to the fullest, being as happy as you can be, fulfilling your dreams and potential, and living in a true, respectful and loving way. I believe that being as happy as you can possible be can never be …

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