How to regain my sexual desire?

fixing my sexual desire

Last week, I wrote an article about how I had lost my way in sex. Things had become too complex, too many rules to follow, and the expectations I set for myself were too high. I was stuck. Funny enough, it felt terrible mostly before I accepted that. Afterwards, I felt mostly relief and a strong urge to find out how to regain my sexual desire. In this article, I will share what has helped me so far. First of all, sexuality is a topic I’ve been exploring a lot over the last two years. What I felt was that many of us, me included, often lost ourselves in a race towards sex. Sex was the goal in the game of intimacy …

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I’ve lost my way in sex

lost my way in sex

I remember sex as being something light, something playful. But somewhere along the way, it became complex, weird, and uneasy for me. I feel inadequate; it feels like hard work, like I’ve lost my edge. I don’t know what I’m doing anymore, I’ve lost my way in sex, and in a way, believe it or not, that is a good thing. For me, sex is essentially about having fun, about connecting, exploring, finding out how someone ticks, how the two (or more) of you connect. Sometimes about diving in an ocean of love, going under together. Other times, about letting your tiger come out to play, to snarl, devour, dominate and surrender. Hunting, biting, scratching, all in good fun. I was …

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What kind of relationship do I want?

What kind of relationship do I want

A relationship is often a very important part of your life that may fill you with love and joy, or it may be a pit of despair that casts a shadow on your entire life. Therefore, it is very important to ask: what kind of relationship do I want? Yet, little people take the time and the courage to ask themselves freely: what do I want? What it is I don’t want? And what do I want to learn? For a while now, I’ve been searching what kind of relationship I want to be in. I have had wonderful experiences the last years and some of them served me and some didn’t. It is easy to lose yourselves in the patterns of …

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The Race Towards Sex

the race towards sex

Sex is a beautiful thing. Less beautiful are all the taboos and patterns that surround it. One of those patterns is the race towards sex. Many men seem to feel this urge to move flirting and intimacy towards sex. As soon as humanly possible. Many women are aware of this, and as a result hold back, so as not to give men the idea they are open to sex, fearing they cannot keep true to their boundaries and end up in something they are not open or ready for. Of course, it’s more complicated, some women do the same, but I like to generalize and keep it simple :). The race towards sex is the feeling that given the perceived …

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The Three Levels in Conscious Sex

conscious sex

I love sex; I love the ecstatic rush, the flowing feeling of deep and unconditional love, the animalistic lust, taking complete control, absolute surrender. I love it when two souls, two bodies – or more 😉 – connect and make such magic happen. However, because sex stirs up so many emotions and feelings, it can be a tricky subject. Take for instance the question when to have sex? With whom do you have sex? And for what reasons? These questions have been on my mind a lot over the last year, and I think I have found an answer. A hangover after great sex Over the last year, I have been focusing on intimacy a lot, becoming comfortable with touch with …

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